The most significant element for success is people

Our many years of success and our position as the world market leader is down to one thing: the people behind MeySher. As a family business with a long-term approach, our top priority is not the shareholder value, as it is for so many companies, but the success of our customers. More than 520 staff and offices on every continent in the world work very hard to guarantee this – with many years of experience and comprehensive expertise. We are here for you. We serve you worldwide from our sales headquarters in Shanghai.

Our parking system products include valet parking, automated parking, floor-to-floor car lift, etc. We are the only company which can manufacture high-end hydraulic lift sliding parking system in China. Our parking system adopts Japanese Kawasaki hydraulic technology which make the parking and retrieving speed three or more times faster than any other lift sliding parking system. 36 national patents, 38 senior and associate engineers, 135 major project experience, 83 sophisticated technicians guarantee our products and services can fully satisfy the needs of our customers.